Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Benefit Concert for Carmen on Kauai!!!

HI Bloggers,
Check out the cool fund-raiser I'm having for MYSELF and for Cancer Research. My dad died of cancer in 1984,my grandmother at 40 yrs. old, my grandfather at 50 yrs, and many uncles and cousins are still suffering. The chemo treatments have come along way since then! Any donations can be made to : Carmen Dragon Cancer Fund, and sent to 573 Leona Lane, Mountain View, CA. 94040. You can write this off as "cancer research", because I plan to create a fund to help people suffering from this horrible disease (1500 people per day die of cancer......more than the War on Terror!!

Re: Fw: FUNDRAISER: Benefit Concert for Carmen Dragon -PRINCEVILLE- 7/22
"Fred Dente"


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> Subject: FUNDRAISER: Benefit Concert for Carmen
> Dragon -PRINCEVILLE- 7/22
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> >
> > Announcing a Benefit Concert for CARMEN DRAGON,
> who was
> > recently diagnosed with cancer in the lining of
> one lung and
> > bladder. She is currently at Stanford Medical
> Center in
> > California undergoing chemotherapy, and will be
> back home on
> > Kaua`i on July 18, to teach piano and harp at the
> > SCHOOL OF MUSIC (July 23-28). She is beloved in
> the
> > community as a sharing and caring person and
> artist, and she
> > needs our help and support. Her spirit is very
> strong.
> >
> > PACIFIC, North Shore of Kaua`i TICKETS:
> Suggested donation
> > of $15.00 Available at the door, or call NSSM at
> > 808-828-0460, or email at:
> > A
> donation would be
> > appreciated if you can't attend the concert.
> >
> > The concert on July 22 will feature SUE ANN
> > international recording star, composer and Emmy
> Award winner.
> > Her latest CD release, ILLUMINATION, is a
> sensational pop
> > album of spiritually uplifting songs, including
> her original
> > tribute to POPE JOHN PAUL II, as well as favorites
> > RAINBOW" and "AVE MARIA". SUE ANN sang solo for
> the Pope
> > during his historic Dodger Stadium PAPAL MASS in
> Los Angeles.
> > She is known as "OUR LADY'S SOPRANO". CARMEN
> DRAGON will
> > accompany Sue Ann on harp, if she is able.
> >
> > CARMEN DRAGON is an accomplished Pianist and a
> world renowned
> > Harpist. She has performed and recorded with many
> famous
> > performers (some are Ray Charles, Wayne Newton and
> Anthony
> > Newly), as well as at Disney Studios and on award
> winning TV
> > shows. Her professional credit list is long. Her
> umbrella
> > is "CELESTIAL MUSIC". She is presently the choir
> director at
> > the CHURCH OF THE PACIFIC. CARMEN also teaches
> music at KULA
> > SCHOOL, and she has private students. She is the
> founder and
> > manager, and a teacher at the NORTH SHORE SCHOOL
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> > '
> >
> > Kokua and mention...
> >
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> JUNE 2007
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

View Carmen in the Hospital with Harp Video

If you copy and paste this http into your browser, my harp playing in the hospital will come up.
thanks to Daryl.

Good News!!

Hi Everyone,
Tomorrow, June 27, I get my Chest tube taken out. That means there is no more pleura fluid surrounding my right lung. YAY GOD!!!!!! Chemo Theapy works, although it is disgusting. It also means I can start swimming and continue my therapy for bi-lateral knee replacements, which wasn't finished! I'm getting very stiff in my young-old age of 59. So on Fri. I leave for Tehachapi again for another spiritual week on Kelly's ranch, and she has access to a huge swimming pool that I will be in everyday for one hour. Yay God again!!!
It's nice to have a second chance.
love to all of you and your prayers!

Cute Kelly! (my daughter)

Good Friends

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bliss with Grandkids

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007


Hello all bloggers!
Today was my second chemo treatment which was 6 hours, first treatment was4 hours. The nurse told me after today, it's a piece of cake". I said what kind of cake, since my tastebuds are shot, does it really matter anyway? it all tastes contaminated.
Apparently the chemo they added on for an extra 90 minutes is called "Avastin". What it does: starves the cancer by cutting off its blood supply...(.remember cancer has a mind of it's own). The meds work on the surface of cells that form blood vessels in your body. The therapy kills or stops the growth of blood vessel cells at the cancer site. Sounds good to me.
They say the side effects will be horendous, and will begin this weekend. I have another full time caretaker, real nice older Filipino lady named Filio Mena. I asked her what her name meant and she didn't know. I think I know, from the Latin: Filio means brotherly love, and I think Mena is some kind of fish....anyone out there know? she made jello for me tonight and did all the dishes.
I will stay with my son's family which is near Stanford, and will be constantly monitored until Fri. when I go back to Kelly's in Tehachapi. If any of my girl friends want to visit me in Tehacapi the week of July 4th, I would love you to come out there. there's going to be a fun small town 4th of July celebration, horses to ride, swimming, a beautiful GOLF course (Linda), and many other fun things. there's also a very nice Holiday Inn for married couples who would like to stay over, or even single friends....Come on out!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Aloha Kauai Bloggers!

I will be coming back to Kauai on July 18. I have a music camp for kids K to 12th grade that I run at Church of Pacific from July 23 to July 28. Check out my website:
It's a very exciting time for the Kauai kids, since they are starving for culture, especially music, as we all know!
I am also putting on a fund-raiser for my own cancer-fund, as I have been out of work from Jan. 1 (due to double-knee surgey) until now. The fund raiser will be on Sun, July 22 at 7:00pm Church of Pacific. I have invited a world-class singer, Sueann Pinner to perform. check her cd-s out at
I'm asking anyone if they have a place for her to stay fron July 18 to july 29. It could be a room in a house, a condo, a house where someone has left island, and needs a caretaker, etc....anything would help.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Carmen in Tehachapi

Hi bloggers,
Well, I've been here on a gorgeous 20 acre ranch for 4 days, and it's been very peaceful, healing, and spiritual. I am surrounded by daughter is a horse trainer and I get to watch her teach her students outside my window in her jumping arena which is right in her backyard! My grandson, Dylan, who is 13 has been juicing for me every day: carrotts, pineapples, and all kinds of combinations of vegetable juices. It gives me energy, and it's one of the few things that compliments the chemo. Whenever I eat any junk at all, such as a cookie, I can taste ALL the chemicals in it, and it's not attractive food anymore.
Today one of my best friends, Kris Larronde is coming up. We are staying in a hotel tonight and having some down time. Kelly planned a very large BBQ for me over the weekend, and my Cousin Randy, wife Doris, and his Mom Virgina are all coming over to party.
Life is good. If anyone is ever out by Bakersfield, you should take a little trip over the mountains into Bear Valley and visit this peaceful little town of Tehacapi.
Aloha to all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


HI Trisha,
Please tell Caela to send me the mushrooms. I left my address on the blog for her.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Update: June 7, 2007

Hi blogger fans! I will soon be spending a glorious week in the Bear Valley area of Southern Calif....a quaint chateau on a farm of 20 acres in the little town of Tehachapi. It just happens to belong to my daughter, Kelly Arbaut who will turn 40 this year! Yikes.
I am doing fine today (one day at a time), and will come back to my son and family in Mountain View on June 20 to continue another round of chemo (slam!) Oh least it's killing the bad stuff.
aloha, love,

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

re: Maitake mushrooms

Hi Caela,
Those mushrooms sounds delicious. If you would like to send them, my address is 573 Leona Lane, Mountain View, CA. 94040. I like shitake mushrooms...are those related to Maitake? (Please enclose bill,, I know they're expensive!)
By the way, I enjoy keeping up with all your art are quite the talent, but of course, you always were!
Much love and aloha,