Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dear Friends and Family of Carmen,

The ever changing world of cancer has come to another chapter. My mom is currently at Domincan Hospital, but will be moving Monday, June 28th to assisted living where she can be close to my brother. She will have hospice and a full time caregiver. The cancer has advanced once again and now the focus is on comfort and not treatment. My brother, his wife and myself will all stay with her through this very difficult time. My mother loves to receive cards and her new address is Micro Star Care Home, 1109 E. Homestead, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. Your continued support to her at this time has been appreciated beyond words.

Sincerely, Kelly Arbaut

Monday, June 21, 2010

Girls in Malibu

Just spent a week in Malibu at Charlous house on the beach. Everyday I took walks, saw good friends (about 15), from grade school, high school, and even had breakfast with Monseignor Sheridan and Sister Mary from my old Catholic school; Our Lady of Malibu. It was very rejuvenating and healing to see everyone and reconnect. I was really blessed to be able to be picked up and delivered to Malibu by Robin, and then driven home by my daughter Kelly and grandson Sean.
I finished my second round of chemo this morning, and didn't feel as nauseated and my doctor thinks I'm doing well and getting the old 'life force' back. Still have pain in my abdomen though.