Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Whales, Dolphins, Angel Fish, Halibut, Seahorse, Clownfish

Hello Fishers of Men and Women!
Here are the results of the CDCF aka Carmen Dragon Cancer Fund. Because of YOU, research will continue through the Dragon genes, and money will be put into a special account strictly dedicated to cancer. There was a lot of cash, and I'm only sorry not to know your names. Please write to CDCF: P.O box 1302, Kilauea, HI 96754, and let us know who you are. This is a very exciting time for all of us, and hopefully we are close to a cure!: THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

N. Shore Christian Church, Kauai

Steve and Linda Jensen
Louise Dexter
Robin Sanchez
Nona, Alan Goulding
Bill, Virgina Armstrong
Andrew, Margaret Pierson

KWPA (Kauai Wedding Prof.)
Craig and Brenda Rogers
Aaron and Lynn Montano
Doria Cook Nelson
Central Pacific Int. The Gauthiers
Mike and Tina Caveney
Chris and Dave Williams
Susan McLaughlin
Jim and Bambi Mallen
Franciscan Friars: Mount St. Francis, IN
Craig and Jane Angell
Elizabeth Peterson
Bonnie and Steve Walker
Sylvia Pippin
Dan Hillman
Sten, Janet Kelly

Larry and Lori Dill
Larry and Sandy Barton
Bill and Stephanie Britt
Alton and Janie Kanter
Richard and Noreen Kellough
Teresa Baker
William and Karen Gabelman
Joy Morrell
John and Catherine Burns
John and Rosalie Gordon
Gary Hoover
Charles Goodman
Polly Badt
Daryl and Toni Dragon
Tom Doyle
Kathy Doyle
Margaret Hunt
Dorothy Kelly

David and Carolyn Moore
Randi Hamman
J.W & W.S Osterman
Julie Wallace
John and Pat Howard
Donna Lei and Dane Kirkpatrick
Mary Ellen Sussex
Joan Knapp
Mike Tatsui
Pam McKay
Ruth Hillman
Doug Dragon
Kathy Henn
Rolla Wagner
Mary Gonzalez
Mark Reed
Rosemary, Jerry Redmond
James Biava

Claire Vierkoetter (first donation!)
Stephen and Darcel Koehne
Elaine Logan
Sylvia Partridge
Frank Harman
Mildrene Swan
Joseph Schlichter
Lilian Daily
Meredith Murphy
Carl and Sue Imparato
Lanez and thomas Lacour
Linda Warriner
Nancy and Michael Erickson
Dalores Dugan
Lisa Olberding
Tom Metoki