Friday, September 14, 2007


Hi Bloggers,
I've been busy travelling back and forth to Kauai to keep my sanity, and now I'm in N. Calif. at my son's house again, expecting to do my last chemo. The doctor told me I didn't need any more!!! Yay God the holistic treatment now begins with Dr. Lam, an 84 Chinese holistic man who works with Homopathic Nosodes. The treatment system is called mesenchymal reactivation. He can identify toxins, allergens, virus, bacteria, fungus, and iritants while testing the electromagnetic field. He found that I do not have lung cancer, that it's the old Fallopian tube coming back from 9 years ago to haunt me again. I love Dr. Lam, and am looking forward to seeing him once a month on Oahu.
Aloha for now,