Friday, June 22, 2007


Hello all bloggers!
Today was my second chemo treatment which was 6 hours, first treatment was4 hours. The nurse told me after today, it's a piece of cake". I said what kind of cake, since my tastebuds are shot, does it really matter anyway? it all tastes contaminated.
Apparently the chemo they added on for an extra 90 minutes is called "Avastin". What it does: starves the cancer by cutting off its blood supply...(.remember cancer has a mind of it's own). The meds work on the surface of cells that form blood vessels in your body. The therapy kills or stops the growth of blood vessel cells at the cancer site. Sounds good to me.
They say the side effects will be horendous, and will begin this weekend. I have another full time caretaker, real nice older Filipino lady named Filio Mena. I asked her what her name meant and she didn't know. I think I know, from the Latin: Filio means brotherly love, and I think Mena is some kind of fish....anyone out there know? she made jello for me tonight and did all the dishes.
I will stay with my son's family which is near Stanford, and will be constantly monitored until Fri. when I go back to Kelly's in Tehachapi. If any of my girl friends want to visit me in Tehacapi the week of July 4th, I would love you to come out there. there's going to be a fun small town 4th of July celebration, horses to ride, swimming, a beautiful GOLF course (Linda), and many other fun things. there's also a very nice Holiday Inn for married couples who would like to stay over, or even single friends....Come on out!


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Bonnie said...

Hi Carm...........

I just read your blog, and you are one tough cookie. You are so strong and determined and have such a great attitude about this situation. This will get you through this.

I don't think I will be able to come to Tahachapi..thanks for the invite. We will be just getting back that Monday from a softball tournament in Santa Maria, and then my grandson's 8th birthday is the 4th of July............. so we will be with him, and then his big party is a couple of days later. I know you will have a wonderful time. My thoughts will be there with you. Love you lots.................. Remember Bald IS beautiful, especially on you. Love and hugs, Bonnie


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