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Fri. April 2 2010: 2:00 am
I have started percocet which the doctors are hoping will be strong enough to replace the morphine drip, as I may be leaving tomorrow and all IV's need to be out, so body can begin functioning on it's own. But tonight was wild, because I fell asleep and didn't have the percocet yet and obviously cannot push the button for the drip when I'm asleep. So when I woke up the pain was off the chart. I could barely stand up to go to the bathroom. So they started the percocet immediately! But then I began to choke uncontrollably, and just went on a whirlwind nightmare ride. So here I am on my blog, as i'm scared to go back to sleep after that experience. It was difficult emotionally and nothing seemed to calm me down, so I put on my Ipod with my CD Healing Harp Meditations playing. It is all about deep breathing, letting go, visualizing yourself in beautiful, calming places. Guess what? It worked! My breathing slowed down, the pain subsided, no more panic attacks. I got my peace back. Thank you God!


At 10:19 AM, Blogger jec said...

good morning, Carmen -- those powerful meditations you recorded -- how gratifying that you can find a pillar of strength in the wee hours from what you created to help others ! you are truly an amazing being, Carmen. hope you've been resting well since 0200 & have some lovely visitors today -- musical & otherwise ! you're foremost in my thoughts...
aloha no, jec

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Bonnie said...

Hi Carm....sorry you went thru all that! But, only you know how to calm oneself. We should all take lessons from you. Glad your music was all it took. Your music is beautiful:)

Enjoy.....I hope you are having as beautiful weather up where you are as we are down here!

Love you.....Bon

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Carmen Dragon said...

Who is Jec??????

At 5:42 PM, Blogger jec said...

Hi Carmen -- it's me, radio host Joan in Kailua -- I use my initials as a moniker. hope yr afternoon's going fine !
aloha no, jec

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Patricia said...

Hi Carm....You are my inspiration. That you can find your path to some peace is just amazing. We are all learning quite a lot from you. You must know that. Lovin you. Trisha

At 11:03 PM, Blogger Cecily said...

Aloha Carmen! So much new news on you to send out to the folks here on Kauai. I'll make sure the church gets your blog address, unless you'd rather not? You tell me. What a surprise to hear you had the surgery as I thought that was not an option on your list. Still praying for your recovery. "O my soul, march on in strength." That's from Judges....onh, I wanna say 2:5, maybe, or 5:2? Anyway, Deborah the judge of Israel spoke those words. I see your soul marching on in strength as you recover.
It's rainy,rainy,rainy on Kauai....but finally warmer. Summer on the way. Yea! It's beautiful to watch the showers tiptoe across the ocean and up the valley outside my window. An ever changing masterpiece created by the Master himself. All is good on Kauai.
Cheers to you! Cecily

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Carmen Dragon said...

Hi everyone. Just spilled water all over me, so I'm wide awake and ready to blog.
I'd like to make a comment to each one of my dear friends:
Joan: Thank you for your support of my family and for playing our music on your radio show. It means a lot to me. If you other guys in this chat don't know Joan, let me introduce her. She is Joan Canfield who is one of the radio announcers on She also is in touch with my brother Doug, who lives on Maui.
Victoria Sacksteder: Thanks for being there for me during this horrendous time! Vicki and I go way back to Hi School when I began the 'Leftovers' band.
She was the lead singer, and boy, what a voice!
Bonnie Lawless: Bonnie, you are sooo special. You always get back to everyone, and we all know you care. You are so considerate! I also know Bonnie from Hi School, and she was one of my favorite people, and I always wished I could get to know her better. Ever since our 40 hi school reunion in 1996, (which she orchestrated on the beach in Oxnard, CA) we have all stayed in touch. She keeps it all together by remembering everyones bdays, sends out beautiful DVDs, and plans dinners. a 'giver' for sure.
Patricia O'Herlihy: Well, what can I say....ANYTHING, because Trisha and I were best friends from grade school, both being raised in Malibu with famous fathers. Hers is Dan O'Herlihy (remember Robinson Caruso?) one of the greatest actors of all times, and she comes from a loving, wonderful Irish family. I love you Trish!
Cecily Campbell: My Kauai buddy who I got to know better in California than in Kauai.....a long story. Yep Cecily, it's strange that a week ago, I had no options because I was at Domincan Hospital, and then when I went to Stanford, it all become a no brainer, that I would do surgery. It shows me how important our doctors are and teaches me to always get a second opinion before making a major health decision. I miss you so much Cecily!
Thank you all you special women!


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