Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My friends are here

Yesterday Kris and Charlou from Malibu drove up to spend some quality time with me. They always lift my spirits, rather than draining my energy. Cancer survivors learn over time who these people are and try to surround themselves with only uplifting friends when they are going through a bout. Wouldn't you rather have someone looking at you with an attitude of 'You can Beat this" with a happy face, then "I'm so sorry for you", with a sad face. Either way it's difficult though, because we all want to put on a mask, and not have people see us in our worst condition. Kris wanted to take my picture with all these tubes coming out of me, and I simply said 'No'. That's not how I want to be remembered. Today they are going to bring over a bunch of games to play and then they will leave this afternoon. Also, adorable Norman brought me some great DVD's of John Cruz concerts. Thanks Norman!!! That's da best.
Tomorrow Kelly will be back with my 2 grandkids, Sean and Dylan. I haven't had one dull moment.


At 11:37 AM, Blogger Bonnie said...

Hi Carm,
So glad Kris and Charlou are there visiting with you:) Yes, it is so important to have uplifting friends and family. You are so uplifting yourself. Wish I lived closer to play some of the games with you. I love games:) Love you Carm....Aloha, Bonnie

At 5:37 PM, Blogger the dragon said...

Hey Carm,

Bonnie is right. You are uplifting. I wish I was there so you could cheer me up. Love you Carm, Toni
P.S. I'm glad I didn't go for the flowers because I hear your room is basically a bottanical garden.

At 7:35 PM, Blogger mgauthier1 said...

We all send our love and are glad the surgery was a success. Rachel is playing was playing her keyboard a little while ago and I was appreciating you for the wonderful blessing you've been in my life... Only it looks like we're going to have a Fark-a -holics intervention with you if you keep up that game! haha
I'm glad your friends came to visit.
Love, Sage & family = )


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