Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Aloha Kakou (Hi everyone!)
Today my daughter Kelly and grandson Dylan and I are flying to Kauai. The fund raiser concert will be on Sun. July 22 at Church of Pacific, 7:00 pm. My brother Dennis will be there to do sound, play bongo's and hopefully move my harp for me...I'm ready to perform...after 2 gruelling months of hospitals, chemo, et al....time for some fun and swimming in the Ocean, and then back to Calif. on July 29 to do #4 of 6 chemo treatments.
I want to thank everyone who has sent me a contribution to my cancer fund. When I return in August, I will get all my finances straightened out with a beneficiary handling the account in case I'm disabled, and that account will pay the medical bills, plus research down the road for those suffering from cancer. You will also receive a small gift from me, and be on my
EML (EternalMailinglist) so we can stay in touch forever. Mahalo, and A HUI HO.


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